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Feel the love/stress


What actions you take


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Our Team

William Slater

Probably the most capable coach of them all is Will. Will grew up different from his brothers. The inner city raised him, getting familiar with gangs, violence, poverty and hardship. His grit changed his course and is now wise, spiritual, and mindful. The tools he developed are here to share with you in your journey.

Stephen Slater

Stephen is one of those geniuses and doesn’t know it. He is functional, IT expert, understands all systems and processes. He is charismatic and has a contagious work ethic beyond comparison, which sometimes carries a hefty price. He’s experienced intense trauma and made it through it with resilience.

Conrad Slater

Conrad is a business genius, high net worth and master of 10x. He knows how to work and make your resources work for you. An expert in all facets of investment, and very handsome and charming. He’s had relationship failures but gotten back on track. He knows the price of giving up love for his passion. Through all of this, he’s self-aware and his insight is priceless.

Damon Slater

Damon has over 20 years of experience in people management. He works as a VP of a national company. He’s a family man, married 25 years with 4 children. His currency is love, adventure, and advocating.

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